Joe is passionate about football, coaching and especially his athletes, both on and off the field. He has had a successful career as head coach at Coastal Carolina, but more than that he truly wants his players to succeed in life. I don’t think you could find a better coach and mentor. He did an extraordinary job leading TD Ameritrade as CEO and chairman and has reached unparalleled success in both careers.

Warren BuffettChairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

It is unlikely that any other candidate has ever been as remarkably successful in two unrelated fields of endeavor – football and finance – as Joe has been.

Roger Staubach
Former NFL Quarterback and Super Bowl Champion

Knowing how to make money and hold onto your money has never been easy. Joe’s strategies are clear, accessible, performance based and he takes the mystery out of investing.

Maria Bartiromo
FOX Business Network Television Journalist

Joe is a man that I have admired for living a life most can only dream of.   He is a proven long-term success story in the business world providing leadership, deal-making and his amazing ability to connect to people with his winning attitude and desire to be the best.   But that’s just one facet of the man, Joe is also a very successful sought-after speaker, author and an incredible College Head Football Coach.

Jamie King
The SPORTS KING Radio Show Syndicated nationally on CBS 106.1 FM with host Jamie King

Joe Moglia will blow you away, Both raw and remarkable, he weaves his experience in life, business and football together in a way that gives everyone in the audience immediate tools to be more effective leaders, coaches and parents. A year after first seeing him speak, his message still sticks with me every day at work and at home.

Collegiate Sports Summit

Coach Joe Moglia dared to chase his dreams, and his inspiring true story is both gripping and unforgettable.

Jim Nantz
CBS Sports

I recently invited Joe to spend a few days at our pre-season training camp to share his wisdom about leadership, and how to build a team … I was so impressed during our visits, I asked him to talk to our entire staff and share his story and his principles of leadership. This is not something we do often, but his message made a huge impact on our team. There is no one who exemplifies the principles of leadership and excellence any better than Joe Moglia

Jason Garrett
Former Dallas Cowboys Head Coach

I don’t think we’ve ever had a speaker that captured the audience’s attention and moved them the way Joe did.

Wells Fargo

Joe made a lasting impression on our cadets; he’s a superb role model and one of the most frank, moving and inspirational speakers we’ve ever had at the Coast Guard Academy...

Vice Admiral : Sandra Leigh Stosz
US Coast Guard Academy

You have proven to be a miracle worker…You have never shied away from making tough decisions…I stand in awe of you … for your many accomplishments and for your ability to take action when the time is right … You have lived your life with purpose, and you have used the many great talents you have to make a difference in the world.- and in the lives of the people who are blessed to know you.

Rev. Joseph McShane, S.J.
President of Fordham University

As a five-year veteran in the NFL I was lucky to play only under the winningest coaches … I saw firsthand each of these legendary coaches practice their personal language of love. I believe Joe is a legend in his own right. He has practiced a winning language of love to the betterment of others in athletics and business.

Richard "Rik" Bonness
NFL Veteran, Partner at Kutak Rock

What’s most remarkable about Joe, beyond his unrivaled success in both finance and athletics, is what drives him. It’s the improvement, the success, the betterment of others. Joe is inspired by helping people and countless hundreds have benefited from his involvement in their lives.

William M. Perry
Author and Independent School Advisor

Coach Moglia was one of my collegiate head football coaches. The first meeting we had with Coach Moglia he introduced BAM! I couldn’t fathom at that time how much of an impact those words would have on my life then and now!

He also let it be known that there is “Life after Football” and you must be prepared. Coach loves his football, loves to win, loves developing his players on the field, but he ingrained in his student athletes’ minds the idea of “What will you do when it is over?”

He held weekly “Life after Football” team meetings where he would discuss real world topics with us. This would range from politics, finances, taxes, how to budget, etc. In a sense, he added another staple in the minds of young athletes to “grow up, thrive, and be the best you can be.”

To this day I thrive on the idea of BAM in regards to being a husband, father, educator, and in all aspects of my life. Coach Moglia embodies the qualities of an effective leader and exemplifies excellence. He gave me the tools I needed to stand on my own two feet, accept my responsibilities, and live with the consequences of my actions!

Chad Hamilton
Chicago Bears '15

When thinking back on my time with Joe Moglia at Coastal Carolina, GRATITUDE is the word I like to use in reflection upon the education in life that I received. Joe’s philosophy of BAM is something that I will carry on both in my personal and professional life. Accountability and the ability to adapt and adjust are two influential philosophies that I acquired and experienced in my time with Joe.

True leadership at its essence is having influence. Great leaders use their influence and experience to take individuals and teams beyond where they think they can go. Joe Moglia is phenomenal in my opinion at achieving this.

If you are looking for tried and true ways of enhancing your leadership, culture or performance within your organization, Joe Moglia is your guy. I personally am thankful that I had the opportunity to work, grow and learn from Joe.

Nick Jones
Atlanta Falcons Offensive Assistant

Coach Moglia's lessons on leadership are now part of our educational curriculum for the University of Pennsylvania Orthopedic Leadership Academy, a program jointly conceived by our department and the McNulty Leadership Program at Wharton.

His lessons on accountability, integrity and respect for others have inspired our residents in Orthopedic Surgery to lead in the operating room, clinic and home. He is the embodiment of GRIT and his personal story demonstrates the power of perseverance and passion.

John D. Kelly IV, MD
Professor of Clinical Orthopedic Surgery at Penn Perelman School of Medicine