TD Ameritrade:

Joe Moglia accepted the chief executive officer role at Ameritrade Holding Corp. (now TD Ameritrade), in 2001. In his seven years at TD Ameritrade, Joe and his team grew the company from $24 billion to over $300 billion and increased its market capitalization from $700 million to $12 billion.

He led the production of five consecutive years of record earnings and he helped the company capitalize on merger acquisition opportunities–two of the largest in the discount brokerage industry.By 2008, in the midst of a global financial crisis, the firm had its sixth record year in a row, grew its market cap from $700 million to $10 billion, and shareholders enjoyed a 500% financial return.In 2008, he stepped down as CEO, and became chairman of the board so he could be relieved of daily responsibilities and return to his first passion, football.

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