Be A Man (BAM)

What is BAM? It's about standing on your own two feet and learning to take responsibility for yourself. Be A Man ImageWe expect everyone associated with our program–players, coaches and support staff–to live up to that responsibility. While we have to follow laws, university rules and NCAA regulations, we literally have no team rules. However, we take our one standard–BAM–very seriously.

BAM has nothing to do with gender. It has everything to do with being a great leader. A great leader has a respect for others and cares about other people in his or her charge. Everybody on our team is somebody's son or brother and there is a responsibility associated with that.

Our mission at Coastal Carolina is that we're going to put a team on the field that anyone associated with Coastal is going to be proud of. While winning is an important part of that, it also means that you never, ever, ever take the play off. You always give it 100% of everything you have. This is not just football. We expect that in every endeavor our players undertake.

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